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And The Sea Shall Give up It's Dead.

The title is a bit of a mouthful , I know, we had many discussions about it but it is the most suitable for the story. The biblical overtones were apparent even though there is little mention of them in the books, so far. 

The first volume in this trilogy of books is titled Over The Tears of the Fallen  and it will be released in November 2018.  I understand that it may seem strange too many that this website is dedicated to a trilogy of books  that have not been released but drafts and original copies have been sent out  (pre-release) to many writers and critics and all have enjoyed the first book (Over the Tears of the Fallen) of the trilogy (I have included some of the reviews on the landing page)  My publishers asked for the website in advance to tell everyone of the books and so here I am doing so. As such, this an advertising thing until November and then a website for the books.

Over the Tears of the Fallen,  Is set in the village of Peninver and  in the small  Scottish, Highland town; Campbeltown. Where one night the residents hear the call for the lifeboat to be launched. A fishing boat has  "gone down" in the grey waters of the Northern Atlantic.  The lifeboat (The RNLI) and the Coast Guard are hunting the water for survivors and the local residents are called  from their sleep by the police to walk the beach and search for survivors (all true up until this point).  Survivors are found, other bodies appear on beaches fat, bloated, eaten by fish, dead.

Somehow these remains regain life ( I am not going to give away all the story in a precis)  and congregate with a purpose in mind, A battle  between ancient long forgotten gods. One served by the creatures of the deep the other by dead sailors.  Billy, an eloquent drunk, Hamish, the local policeman and Morris,  a trawler-man try to make sense of the unfolding events. The fact that they know many of the dead arising around them and have no idea what they are fighting for, or against, does not help them in this sea drenched mystery. 

Over the many years where fishing and farming has been the main income of Kintyre and Argyll,  many traditions have risen to give people hope or solace. Lighting candles in the windows to provide a beacon to those lost or late home, has become commonplace, a light to guide those lost; home again.  Placing food and flowers at the base of standing stones to please the ancient owners of the land.  Dancing in the hazel woods at midnight to bring fields of plenty. Many of these thoughts, ideas, old traditions and superstitions collide with the new, sensible and normal world. When the lost children return and old fishermen long lost at sea crawl again from the sea to fight as they always had while still living , all our "normal" thoughts are thrown to the wind.

The Second book of the trilogy will follow next year and will be called A Lost and Lonely War Unlike many central volumes in a trilogy it will be the action volume with the last (And the Sea shall give up it's Dead) being a little more reflective and considerate.  I am not worried about shredding the normal trilogy format; Good start, long but dull middle, and enlightening end. Rather, I am hoping that my quiet and easy start in the first volume builds into a crescendo in the second and then plays upon both in the third that will be shocking and full of surprises. 

Perhaps no one will like my way of doing things, perhaps no one will like the idea or execution. That has happened to me before, not all of my books have been successful but I am pretty sure that this one will be. We shall see.  Please feel free to mail me with your thoughts on

A while away but still pertinent is the concluding volume which will, of course, be called "And the Sea Shall give up it's Dead".  It is a long way away but is the defining volume of the trilogy. It is the place where each and every thought from the novels and all attached tales will come together.  It is mostly written already though I have a few battle scenes still to plan and turn into words. 

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