I TELL YOU WHAT is happening, what is new and added or I tell you nothing as I have added nothing.


I have a couple of updates to add.  The release date for the book is the second of September this year (2018)  the second volume following almost exactly a year later. The third following in order.

The "Children lost at Sea" and "The Painting"  that is available to read on this site have been cut from the book.  But I suspect that such things will appear again as the books grow. Lol- I know that they will. I can cheat. I am the writer.


I will be adding a few other pieces shortly mainly to do with the children lost at sea. I will tell you more soon. Raymond.

 I suspected that some of my additional work on this series of novels would lead to something new being produced and it turns out that I was right.  With the recent release of "Over The Tears of the fallen" the view was taken that whilst waiting for the second volume to be released next year (The Lost and Lonely war) all the supplemental stories that were not used in the first and second novels would be issued as either a novel or e-book early next year. There is no title as yet and no exact release date. The book will be told by "The Observer" the strange and mercurial creature who was part of the short volume "The Painting"  which will be deleted next year.

Mostly however, it will be stories about ancient sea gods, the children lost at sea, old dark magic and those that fight against the encroaching darkness.  I think that many will love it, especially those that are currently reading or have just read "Over The Tears of the Fallen"  


"Over the Tears of the Fallen" is selling well. I thought that it would but it is always the case with new books that you can never really tell until it goes on sale.  Some of my earlier books that I thought would sell well, did not and conversely some that I thought would only sell a handful of copies sold rather well. The people that read will decide wither they wish to purchase your book or not no matter how good bad or indifferent you think it is.  Luckily, in this case, things are going well and hopefully it will continue to sell for some time. The second volume in the series is not out until September of next year, though it is already written. The Release date is set in stone.


I have mentioned a couple of times in these comments that I suspected something else was coming your way which would not strictly be a part of this trilogy but would be associated with it. We had talked about it a couple of times and I thought it a good idea to release a volume of supplemental material that was written either as a part of the trilogy and was removed for editorial reasons or were stand alone tales that acted as lead in's to the story itself. I have been writing "And The Sea shall give up it's Dead"  for many years and it's direction has changed at times making some of the short tales from which it is formed redundant. Some of the sections cut make great stand alone tales. Some were short stories originally and were never incorporated into the book as I thought them not quite right for the trilogy.  They make for great fiction even if you have not read "Over the Tears of the Fallen" but also act as great supplemental material for the main trilogy.

We had a meeting on the subject today and all have agreed on the book but we do not have a title or release date at this time.  I was pushing for a release date in time for Christmas but could not get agreement on that and so the book will be released next year at some point. Probably February or March. Much to my surprise it was also agreed that "A Grey Day". Which is almost a novel in itself would be included in the book. "A Grey Day" was the original title for "The Lost and Lonely War" and was the opening sequence for the second book in the trilogy but was cut as we all wished the story taken in a different direction.  It still makes for good reading, I know that you will love it. I expected the company to retain this story for a possible Fourth volume in the future but no, it will be in the new e-book or book, lol, I don't know. 

I will tell you more as soon as I know more. Especially a title. I cannot even advertise it or really tell anyone about it without a title.  We meet again on Monday Perhaps I will be able to tell you then.


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